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Products & Services

Swan Coatings provides flexo and gravure (water-based)
packaging inks, covering all common types of paper and board packaging – from corrugated board, white top liner, coated board, cement paper, plastic bags, synthetic paper and many more. Fine Graphic can also be printed with our inks with excellent results. Our wide array of products are listed below.
Inks and Coatings
  • Flexo Inks for Corrugated Cartons

  • High Resolution Flexo Inks for Fine Graphic Printing

  • Water-based Metallic Gold & Silver Inks

  • Narrow-web Inks for Paper, Plastic, Foils

  • Food Grade Direct and Indirect Coatings

  • Anti-static Coatings

  • Barrier Coatings

  • Anti-skid Varnish

  • Soft Touch Varnish

  • Anti-freeze Varnish

  • Matt Varnish

  • Calendaring Varnish

  • Gloss Overprint Varnish

  • High Scuff Overprint Varnish

  • Playing Card Varnish

Other Products
  • Pigment Dispersion

  • Water-based Primer

Swan Coatings is the market leader for the above products in the region. We produce high quality Water-Based Flexographic inks, such as process colour inks, metallic gold and metallic silver inks. We are the sole supplier in Malaysia for the metallic gold and silver inks for the tobacco packs. We are also the main supplier of the Narrow-Web inks in the local market. On top of that, we supply inks for printing of food packaging such as burger boxes, french fries boxes, paper wraps, paper trays and many other products for several fast-food chains.
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